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    Crystal Nails Gel nail system on sale

    Crystal Nails Gel nail system on sale

    Xtreme Clear - Thick, non-yellowing hard clear gel with UV filter. In the pot it has a slightly purplish color. It is the strongest builder gel, very good for pinching. It is good for both short and long extreme nails. Curing process is fast due to the included accelerator. During curing it can be hot, and as such it is recommended to cure it fractionally. Start with 5 seconds, then pull away the hand from the UV lamp for another 5 seconds, than cure it again for approximately 10 seconds and it is ready for pinching. In this way, you can avoid heat spikes. Pinch time in the UV lamp is 10-15 seconds, in LED it is 5-8. Full cure time in UV lamp is 2-3 minutes, in LED it is 1-2. Use it with a harder brush, firm gel, or Nero Merlot 3. LED/UV system.

    Xtreme Cool Gel - Crystal clear Xtreme builder gel with reduced heat generator formula. Crystal clear, non-yellowing, medium density, easily mouldable, brand new Xtreme builder gel. The most important feature of the product is the reduced heat generator formula. It has optimized density for salon work and great flexibility. The gel perfectly holds its’ shape, it does not flow and spread out, contributing to great pliableness. Maximal adhesion and extreme durability. Cure time in UV lamp is 2-3 minutes, in LED it is 1-2. Pinch time in UV lamp 20-25 seconds, in LED, 8-10 seconds. Use it with softer brush gel sticks, extreme gel or Nero Merlot 2. LED/UV system.

    Builder Clear II. - In the pot, it is crystal clear builder gel. It does not contain blueish or purplish color intensifier. As it has a soft density gel, coupled with lustrousity induced by curing it is really suitable for both surface and encapsulated gel designs. Acid-free gel. The product is recommended to use for tip overlay and sculpted natural length nails. Non-pinchable. Advantageous product for those with swift work speed and for clients with sensitive natural nail plate. Use it with softer brushes. Curing time in UV 2-3 minutes, LED it is 1-2. LED/UV system

    Builder Pink II. – Thick, opaque peachy pink gel. The heat transition from natural nail plate softens the gel, which makes it easily control. If you use it on its own, it will give a nice vital color for the nail bed. Use it with softer brush: Gel 6, Gel 4, Xtreme Gel or Nero Merlo II. If you working with bigger amount than use bigger brush such as Firm Brush or Nero Merlo III.. Full cure time in UV lamp is 2-3 minutes. (Does not cure in LED.).

    Milky Rose builder gel:

    Light Pink shade with fantastic coverage.

    Moderately thick builder gel

    Light Pink shade and it has a similar ability to cover like the cover

    refill gel. unique shade of pink builder gels what we can use in every

    phase of salon work: building the whole nail, filling up, even for the

    babyboomer. Because of the amount of the pigments, it can cure

    in a thicker layer. Use a base gel for proper cohesion (Compact base

    gel). Cure this new Milky Rose builder gel periodically to avoid the too much heat. For bending

    build a clear base because this gel couldn’t get curved.

    cure time: LED: 1-2min UV: 2-3min

    CN Tip: Use the Low-Heat mode on the LEDextreme lamp.

    Sizes: 15ml , 50ml


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