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    2022 Autumn Novelties

    Correction Gel:

    A thick, pudding textured material that contains silk fibers, especially for correction. It has a very special texture, which allows minor repairs, replacements, and even extensions without a form. Extremely strong, yet flexible material that is durable even on nail tips. It is available in a transparent version to correct mistakes in the easiest way. Using this material on the free edges prevents the nail from lifting. The material stays in place while moving and by pulling the silk fibers, the replacement can be created step by step, as the structure of the fibers gives extra support, which also stays in place thanks to its pudding-like texture. Just file the replacement built with this technique and if necessary, correct it with a drill also from the other side of the nail. It can also be used to repair the cracks of the nail plate.

    Xtreme Superior Milky Rose Builder Gel:

    The newest member of the popular Superior product line has arrived, in a beautiful Milky Rose shade! Compared to other Superior gels, the new shade has a much softer, silkier texture to make the salon work easier. It can also be used perfectly for no-file techniques. For proper adhesion, first, apply a base gel. It is suitable for filling the full nail, while the heat generation is extremely low, so there is no burning sensation.
    Because of its beautiful pink color, we couldn't imagine any other packaging than the brand new, exclusive, and luxury version of the Xtreme Rosegold jar!
    Bending time in UV lamp 20-25 seconds, in LED 8-10 seconds
    Complete curing in UV lamp 2-3 minutes, in LED 1-2 minutes

    Smartgummy Base & Builder Gel:

    Smart: gets into place by itself, blends into the surface
    Gummy: because it is flexible, rubbery
    Base&Builder - you can use it as a base or refill the nails, create a C-curve but don not use it to build an extension on form, use instead the Compact product line or the Elasty Hardener Gel or the Sens base&builder product line for that from our  builder gels with brush.
    New, innovative Base Gel, characterized by extremely easy spreadability, high flexibility and strong adhesion. The creation of a smooth surface is easy to create, because this material is easily smooths out and all of the unevenness quickly disappears from the surface. It holds the C-curve well, meanwhile it does not flow easily in the nail fold, that provides a great help for those who originally likes to work with medium soft materials. It provides also a fast work flow with only a few corrective movements necessary. Its flexibility makes this material stand out among all Base Gels, making it extremely resistant, it adapts to all kinds of movements of the natural nail, so it stands the possible mechanical influences better than its counterparts. This product’s adhesion is the no.1 of the Base Gels. Available in three colors: Nr0 Clear, Nr1 Baby Pink and Nr3 Milky white.
    Shell Boxes:
    New Nail Art products among the built-in decorations!
    Shell box - colourful
    12 types of broken shells in different colors, in 12 compartments. After using the decoration, the container can be a practical nail art organizing tool.
    Shell box - monochrome
    Beautiful monochrome color shells in 6 compartments, in 2 sizes. We made it for you, if you sometimes like to work with larger pieces and other times with smaller ones. You will find both sizes in this set!
    Nail Stickers:
    This year's popular nail art theme will also be with us in the fall season in form of stickers. Create a simply great design with the new patterns! The self-adhesive Captions stickers are available in bright colors this fall, but you can find also the colors of the year in them. The Golden art contains the classic autumn colors.
    captions, golden art
    The beloved water stickers are also coming back! Cut out the pattern, soak it, and after a few seconds the sticker will peel off the back. Place the sticker on the stamping head, then put it over the surface of the nail and you're done!
    pastel visuals, autumn harvest

    New Royal Gel Collection:

    Be fabulous with the new autumn colors of Royal Gels. The collection created from complementary colors is excellent even combined with each other. It offers bold, hot associations in a never boring colour blocking style, which catches the eyes every time. The collection includes a refreshing orange red, the R194 Dragon Fire, a bright rosy purple, the R195 Rose Violet, a powerful purple blue, the R196 Meadow Violet and a wild jungle green shade, the R197 Amazon.

    New 3 Step Colours:

    Feel the cheerful autumn atmosphere, be seduced by the wildest colors of the autumn! The product line has been expanded with powerful, deep-covering, well-pigmented shades: among others: the eternal love red 3S173 Molten Lava, the deep cyclamen - violet mixture 3S174 Rose Violet, a slightly darker version of this year's color (Very Peri) 3S175 Meadow Violet and the trend color of the autumn-winter season, 3S176 Amazon. The red-pink-purple shades reflect the colors of Indian summer sunsets.

    New SENS Flash Colours:

    There are new shades in the Sens 3G FLASH '3G Polish' (gel polish) family for: 3 unique colors that will shine in the fall-winter season: pinkish nude, which can be used in endless variations, and soft blue grape, which is suitable for purple-blue lovers. And finally, the most wanted star of the season, the emerald green. With Flash shades, you will definitely be in the spotlight, its crazy sparkle is like a diamond.

    SENS Make Up Top Gel:

    The Sens Make Up Top Gels are colored top gels with stronger pigmentation than the Milky Top Gels. A milky white, a nice pink and a soft nude color are available in this product family. Its beautiful shade will complete after applying the last layer. For a natural effect apply it on a transparent base. French nails can also be thinly covered with it to achieve a natural effect. Apply over any light color to slightly modify the shade. After curing the non-fixing material is shiny, so additional layers are not needed. Dissolvable.

    SENS Golden Flake Base & Builder Gel:
    A special, milky shade base and builder gel with brush containing rosegold flakes, in 3 shades: white, mint, and pink. You can create a C-curve as well as a small nail extension or nail strengthening. We recommend to apply on a clear base layer, which increases the adhesion, so you can achieve even more durable wear with it. In case of filling / removing material, it is enough to file the gel to the clear base layer, then you can change the set to another colored base.

    Xtreme Fusion Reverse Clip for Reverse Tip:

    A clip developed for holding the Reverse tip. It makes the nail preparation easier, since the tip does not move from the surface of the nail. Thanks to its clear material, the AcrylGel cures perfectly.

    Xtreme Fusion Half Reverse Tip / Russian Almond:

    Two new shapes have been added to the transparent, more flexible tips for Xtreme Fusion AcrylGel for the fall season. A box contains 120 tips in 12 different sizes.
    The Reverse Clear Universal Half Tip is a hybrid tip that you can use to extend the free edges of the nails by the already known reverse tip technique. It can be used to create any popular salon shape, such as square, narrowing square, almond, or oval and you can use a tip more than once! The tips have an ideal, natural-looking curve.
    The Reverse Clear Russian Almond Tip is a popular shape but you can easily make almond and narrowing square shapes with it as well. You can use a tip more than once! The tips have an ideal, natural-looking curve.
    Glam Top Gel:
    Glam Top Gel, released this year is being expanded with two new shades for the fall-winter season, which not only brightens up, but also makes any color special with shining gold and silver flakes. Brighten up the day and feel the advantages of the opportunities offered by colors!
    In two new shades: Silver and Gold



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