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    Product description

    New & easy way to create unique nail arts.

    A new kind of decoration liquid that makes it possible to create fast, easy-to learn and unique designs. It cures with air so it does not require UV or LED lamp. It can be dropped easily onto the nail surface, and also patterns can be drawn with a brush. 
    Available in 9 shades. The best basic colour is white but other pastel or milky cover colour can be used as a base as well (Milky Rose Compact Base Gel). The surface has to be completely matte and scratch free. 
    Suggested brushes for the applicaton: Phantom, Art Design, Aquarell. Liquids: Nail Prep, Acryl Remover, Cleanser.


    1. Create the nail in the usual way  (gel polish, hard gel, acrylic or acrylgel), then apply two coats of white, light pastel or semi opaque color as a base.

    2. After curing the color, apply Cool Top Gel Universal, then buff it with a soft buffer in order to get a smooth matte surface. Do not use MattEver top gel.

    3. Apply the AquaInk Crystal Drops to the surface in a desired design with its own brush or use Phantom, Art Design or Aquarell brushes

    4. The AquaInk Crystal Drops dries in 1-2 sec by the air, so for changing the design use a brush dropped in Cleanser, Nail Prep, Acryl Remover or Easy Remover as these liquids dilute the dry AquaInk Crystal Drops. 

    5. Seal the design with a slight-thicker layer of Cool Top Universal gel, with 1-2 quick movements while no pressure applied to the surface. If matte surface desired, use the MattEver Top Gel over the Cool Top Gel. Do not seal the nail with Top Shine gel.

    Caution - highly flammable. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. Protect from sunlight.

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