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Step by step: 1. Sculpt the nail with Xtreme Cool Gel. File it into shape, then thinly cover it with 2 layers of 006 white colour gels. 2. After 1-1,5 minutes of curing, thoroughly sprinkle Crystal mermaid powder to the second layer of 006 gel. 3. Gently push the Crystal mermaid powder to the surface with your fingers! 4. (When it stucked everywhere,) remove the excess powder with a soft brush, then cover the surface and the edges of the nail with Xtreme Top Shine, cure it for 2-3 minutes in the UV lamp.


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1. Mermaid powder

1. Mermaid powder

5.00 € 4 pcs in stock

4. Mermaid powder

4. Mermaid powder

5.00 € 3 pcs in stock

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Sarah Murphy
Love crystal nails products, high quality & the gel is a nice consistency that’s easy to work with. What a great selection too with great prices!





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